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Famille Thériault - T-RIO Doors & Windows

Michel Thériault, the current CEO with his wife Monique, and the founders, George Thériault and his wife Parise.


A family business, T-RIO has evolved along with the doors and windows industry since being founded in 1958. The materials and equipment used have evolved markedly since then, but our company’s dedication to customer satisfaction and quality doors and windows manufacturing has remained ever constant.

The founders of T-RIO Portes et Fenêtres, Parise and George Thériault, have always placed the greatest emphasis on meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations. Michel continues this proud tradition of excellent customer service while also ensuring the industry’s highest quality standards are a certainty.

Quality – Comfort – Energy Efficiency

Customer satisfaction remains and always will remain our number one priority at T-RIO Portes et Fenêtres.

Continuous improvement

State-of-the-art technology

The continual evolution of the door and window industry and homeowner expectations for energy efficient, sustainable products pushes manufacturers to innovate constantly.

Our team can count on the stalwart support of Thermoplast Extrusions to help develop new products and constantly improve our manufacturing facilities.

Equipment upgrade and training sessions for our team allow us to stay ahead.

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