Solving moisture problems.

Solving moisture problems.

Date : 10 Octobre 2023 | Source : Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

To solve moisture problems in a home, it's crucial to identify their underlying causes. If you're a tenant, it's imperative to bring these problems to the attention of landlords or building managers. 

Condensation occurs when warm, moist air comes into contact with cold surfaces. The main reasons for this phenomenon include : 

  • excessive moisture production due to human activities such as showering and cooking

  • insufficient air renewal

  • the presence of cold surfaces resulting from faulty heating or poor insulation

To remedy these problems, we recommend limiting the formation of condensation by reducing water infiltration and using a dehumidifier. It's also essential to keep surfaces warm by improving insulation and replacing windows with energy-efficient models. Adequate ventilation, sufficient air circulation and proper heat distribution are also essential. 

We recommend monitoring relative humidity levels in the home with a hygrometer, maintaining a relative humidity of 30% during periods of extreme cold to avoid condensation.

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